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How Much Could Custom Masking Save You?

While you may be able to use a screwdriver as a hammer in a pinch, it's never going to be as easy or effective as the tool that was specifically designed for the job.

The same goes for masking.

Masking tapes and imperfectly fitting caps or plugs can cover the areas you need to protect during finishing work, but they will take more time to apply and can lead to imperfections or even failures in productions. A custom masking part can streamline your operations, and that saves you time and money by improving accuracy and increasing productivity.

How much of a difference could custom masking make for your business? Use the calculator below to find out.

Hours Spent Masking
Labor Cost
Cost of Masking Parts Currently
Number of Items/Units Put Through Your Finishing Process (Part Volume)
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Current Failure Rate
Cost to Rework Part Failure


Parts per Day 0.0
Current Cost per Part $0.00
New Cost per Part $0.00
Savings per Part $0.00
Failure Cost per Part $0.00
Failure Cost per Month $0.00
Annual Labor Savings $0.00

The information and figures provided through the Masking Calculator are only a rough estimate using generalized statistics and figures. Your actual savings will vary depending on your specific need and application. Speak with a masking expert at Caplugs to learn more about custom masking options and how they can help you save on your finishing operations.

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